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    Darrin Hubert, MD, is a board certified plastic surgeon in the Richmond, Virginia, metro area, offering a wide array of cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures, as well as non-invasive options. He graduated from and completed his surgical training at one of the best Ivy League medical schools, the University of Pennsylvania.

Mommy Makeover Richmond

At our practice in Richmond, mommy makeover is a very popular procedure. Let’s face it. Although childbirth can often lead to some of the greatest joys in life, pregnancy is not always as kind to a woman’s body. You may see a lot of changes to your body after you have children, especially affecting the breasts and tummy. Most women will see an increase in their breast size during pregnancy and breast feeding, only to lose that increased volume (or more) afterwards.

The breast skin can become loose, the size can get smaller, and the tissues can become very saggy, dropping the nipple position well below where it used to be. The tummy skin often gets saggy and stretched out, and stretch marks can appear, sometimes even extending above the belly button. Your “six pack” muscles can get very spread out from the pregnancy, a condition called “diastasis recti,” which leads to further change in your overall tummy shape.

The bad news: while working out and eating a proper diet might help get you back into shape and lose weight, they usually can’t fix the underlying problems of loose, sagging skin, loss of breast volume, and spread out abdominal muscles. Now here’s the good news: plastic surgery can help you get back closer to your pre-pregnancy size and body shape. We can often combine surgery to restore your breasts and your tummy at the same time. This means only one anesthesia and one recovery period. It often means you can save a little money on the surgical costs as well, since they are done at the same time. Also, mommy makeovers can usually be done as an outpatient, meaning you go home the same day.

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Breast Surgery

A lot of mommies who develop droopy breasts benefit from breast lift surgery. This an help remove extra, stretched out skin, and return the nipple position to a more youthful result. If you have also lost a significant amount of volume, or if you just want to be a little bit larger, breast lift surgery can often be combined with breast enhancement, usually by adding an implant. Breast implants today are very safe and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Dr. Hubert will go over the options and work to decide which works best for you. Click here to read more about breast lift surgery.

Tummy Surgery

Pregnancy affects the tummy by stretching out the skin and muscles of the abdominal wall. After you deliver your baby, these don’t always shrink back to what they were before pregnancy. It can produce saggy extra skin, stretch marks, and spread out muscles. And if you have had a multiple pregnancy, such as twins or triplets, it usually makes it even worse! But a tummy tuck can address all of these changes and help restore the shape to the torso that you are looking for. Click here to read more about tummy tuck surgery.

Surgery Timing

The timing of a mommy makeover is very important. You want to wait until you are done having children. Neither a tummy tuck nor breast surgery should affect your ability to carry another pregnancy in the future, although breast surgery might make you unable to breast feed in the future. However, another pregnancy after you have had tummy or breast surgery will probably undo some or all of the cosmetic improvements you get from the surgery, and you will likely have a worse looking result in the long run. So in general, mommy makeover surgery is best performed after you and your spouse or significant other are done having children, and you are no longer breast feeding.

Cost of Mommy Makeover in Richmond

The cost of the procedure can vary. As an experienced Richmond mommy makeover surgeon, Dr. Hubert will meet with you in his office to discuss all options and pricing.

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