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Dr. Hubert

Medical Missions

Dr. Hubert has fostered a medical mission relationship with surgeons from Almaty, Kazakhstan. He has both visited that country and hosted some of their surgeons here in Richmond in order to share medical ideas and expertise, and to improve the lives of patients in need. This all started when Dr. Hubert met a young girl who was being cared for by an American, half way around the world in Kazakhstan. The girl had been abandoned by her parents because of multiple birth defects. Although she was vibrant and outgoing, she had not received the surgery she needed while living in the orphanage there. Through donations, she was able to travel to Richmond, and Dr. Hubert was one of the surgeons who helped treat her birth defects.

Photos from Dr. Hubert’s trip to Almaty in 2016. After giving a lecture on reconstructive surgery, he was given a gift of a traditional Kazakh felt robe and hat. He is pictured with the head of Clinic #5. To the right, Dr. Hubert while consulting on patients at Clinic #5. Dr. Hubert with visiting surgeons from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Dr. Magomed Khairoyev (left) and Dr. Julia Menchisheva (right) in Richmond, 2019.

Support for Breast Cancer Treatment

Dr. Hubert supports ongoing research and advancements in the treatment of breast cancer. These pictures are from the 2018 Komen Race for the Cure in Richmond.

All of the people in the pink T-shirts are from his teams at Richmond Plastic Surgeons and St. Francis Medical Center, where he performs many DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgeries.

2018 Komen Race for the Cure in Richmond

Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Foundation of Virginia

Dr. Hubert and staff

Dr. Hubert, along with his partner at Richmond Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Sharline Aboutanos, have established the Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery Foundation of Virginia, a non-profit organization to facilitate their medical mission work.


Out of town

Dr. Darrin M. Hubert extends a warm welcome to patients from other cities, states, and countries. We understand that finding your perfect match in a surgeon may require you to travel far away from your home and we are thrilled to help you plan your exciting journey to beauty and confidence.

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Thank you for giving back to me what cancer took away, with your help I won the battle that so many women have endured. I hope for them, they have doctors and staff like you to help them along their journey. Thank you.

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