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    Darrin Hubert, MD, is a board certified plastic surgeon in the Richmond, Virginia, metro area, offering a wide array of cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures, as well as non-invasive options. He graduated from and completed his surgical training at one of the best Ivy League medical schools, the University of Pennsylvania.

Tummy Tuck Richmond

Not happy with the shape of your tummy?  Have you been working out but can’t seem to achieve the full result you’re looking for?  Maybe a tummy tuck (also called an abdominoplasty) is the extra little help you need to get back the body you had before you had children.  The fact is, that despite diet and exercise, many women are still unable to realize a flat and toned tummy.  Normal changes associated with aging, pregnancy, and significant weight loss can all affect the contour of the abdomen.  This can lead to loose skin, extra fatty tissue, and weakened muscles.  A tummy tuck involves the removal of this excess skin and fat.  It also tightens the lax muscles of your abdomen.  Sometimes liposuction is also used at the same time to achieve overall better shape.  Will I lose my belly button?  No, a tummy tuck preserves your belly button.  Although sometimes you will have a tiny scar that goes part way around it.  Have you heard of a “mini” tummy tuck or abdominoplasty?  This is less invasive than the traditional full tummy-tuck, might be the best option for you.  The mini procedure produces a shorter scar in the bikini line and no scar around the belly button.  But it still allows for tightening of your six pack muscles.  Dr. Hubert performs many tummy tucks, and it is one of his areas of specialization.  Because everyone’s body is a little different, he can help to determine which procedure is best for you during your consultation visit.  Dr. Hubert also uses a new, long acting local anesthetic (called Exparel) that is injected right into the tummy during your surgery which helps provide pain relief for up to three days afterward.  This means your recovery is easier and you have less pain!

What to expect after a tummy tuck

After surgery, it is important to have good compression of your tissues to maximize your result.  You can expect to wear a fitted compression garment or binder around your mid-section, day and night, for about the first two weeks.  Most tummy tucks also need one or two surgical drains, which are small plastic tubes that prevent fluid from building up under your skin.  They come out near the bikini zone (so not to worry about the scar), and they are easily removed in the office with minimal to no discomfort in about a week or two.  Most people can be back to work in about two or three weeks, and you can be working out at full speed in about six weeks.

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Check out the before and after photos of actual patients of Dr. Hubert below.

Tummy tuck: 40 year old with two children, 5’0″ 120 lbs.

After full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

Side view before surgery.

Side view after tummy tuck.