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    Darrin Hubert, MD, is a board certified plastic surgeon in the Richmond, Virginia, metro area, offering a wide array of cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures, as well as non-invasive options. He graduated from and completed his surgical training at one of the best Ivy League medical schools, the University of Pennsylvania.

Breast Surgery Richmond

Dr. Hubert has extensive expertise, years of experience, and particular interest in breast surgery.  From breast augmentation with implants, to breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction for women with cancer, Dr. Hubert has the ability to provide you with the individualized approach which is right for you.  Because no two breasts are exactly alike, let alone two patients, you should choose a surgeon with the breadth of knowledge and cutting edge techniques to help you achieve your goals.  Dr. Hubert also treats many women for revisions of prior breast surgery, whether it is for cosmetic reasons or for reconstructive results.  For example, women who have failed breast reconstruction with implants due to complications of their radiation treatment may be candidates for a DIEP flap breast reconstruction, a very advanced and complex procedure which Dr. Hubert performs on a regular basis.

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