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As a plastic surgeon, sometimes fat can be your friend. The aging process can affect the delicate fatty tissue beneath the skin of your face and lead to a deflated look. A younger-looking face tends to have a rounder and fuller appearance. At our boutique practice in Richmond, facial fat transfer has become a very popular procedure. Below, we’ve included more information about the procedure. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself!

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What is Facial Fat Transfer?

Taking fatty tissue from one part of the body and using it in another is known as “fat transfer,” and it can be very effective in improving these deflated areas. The fat is carefully removed through tiny incisions, similar to liposuction. The living fat cells (adipocytes) are then placed where they are needed, to give that area a fuller, more plump appearance. The fat cells then become a living part of that new area. Because fat transfer uses your own tissues, it is done without using any kind of foreign materials you would have to worry about in the future, such as an implant.

Who are the Best Candidates for Facial Fat Transfer?

As one of the highest-rated plastic surgery practices in Richmond, we’ve had the benefit of seeing a lot of different patients for facial fat transfer. If you meet the following criteria, you’re a good candidate for the procedure:

Candidates can be male or female of all different ages

Candidates should understand the procedure have realistic expectations

Candidates need to have an adequate amount of fat in the donor area

What are the Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer?

There are so many wonderful benefits to this procedure. Check out some of the advantages we’ve seen on a day-to-day basis with our Richmond facial fat transfer patients:

We’ll be able to fill in lines and creases in the face

We can add volume to your cheeks and lips

Get more self-confidence in the way you look!

What’s the First Step?

The first step to facial fat transfer in Richmond, Va with Dr. Darrin Hubert is booking a consultation. During your procedure, Dr. Hubert will be able to explain the procedure, qualify you as a good candidate, and answer any of your questions. If you and Dr. Hubert both feel that this is the best procedure for you, surgery will be booked and we’ll want to go over pre-operative instructions.

Pro tip: Be honest with Dr. Hubert about your aesthetic goals. By having a firm understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve, Dr. Hubert will be able to better create a surgery plan for you.

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What to Expect from Facial Fat Transfer Surgery

The fat is usually removed from parts of your body below your neck, for example from the abdomen or hips. Common areas of the face which need to be restored with fat transfer are the cheekbones, the nasolabial folds (the fold running from your nose down around the corner of the mouth), and the temples.

Some people who have had too much fat around their eyes removed in the past with previous surgery develop a hollow appearance to their eye region and fat transfer may be the correct, minimally invasive approach to improving this appearance.

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Facial Fat Transfer Recovery

Aside from bruising, which tends to go away rather quickly, the downtime tends to be fairly minimal, with patients getting back into their regular lives even faster.

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How Much Does Facial Fat Transfer Cost in Richmond?

The cost of facial fat transfer in Richmond will vary on a number of factors. The best way to get the most accurate cost will be to schedule a consultation. During your appointment, we’ll be able to explain the procedure, detail the pricing, and provide our expert recommendations. Financing options are available to help manage the payment.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you’d like to schedule a consultation for a facial fat transfer in Richmond, please contact us today. Our scheduling department is standing by and excited to help. We look forward to helping you look and feel your best!

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