Face Fat Transfer Richmond

As a plastic surgeon, sometimes fat can be your friend. The aging process can affect the delicate fatty tissue beneath the skin of your face and lead to a deflated look. A younger-looking face tends to have a rounder and fuller appearance. Taking fatty tissue from one part of the body and using it in another is known as β€œfat transfer,” and it can be very effective in improving these deflated areas. The fat is carefully removed through tiny incisions, similar to liposuction. The living fat cells (adipocytes) are then placed where they are needed, to give that area a fuller, more plump appearance. The fat cells then become a living part of that new area. Because fat transfer uses your own tissues, it is done without using any kind of foreign materials you would have to worry about in the future, such as an implant. The fat is usually removed from parts of your body below your neck, for example from the abdomen or hips. Common areas of the face which need to be restored with fat transfer are the cheekbones, the nasolabial folds (the fold running from your nose down around the corner of the mouth), and the temples. Some people who have had too much fat around their eyes removed in the past with previous surgery develop a hollow appearance to their eye region and fat transfer may be the correct, minimally invasive approach to improving this appearance. Aside from bruising, which tends to go away rather quickly, the downtime tends to be fairly minimal, with patients getting back into their regular lives even faster.

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