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Laser Mole Removal

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Many people have unwanted, flesh-colored moles or skin tags somewhere on their bodies. They can be unsightly, especially when they are on visible areas of skin such as the face or neck. Other moles can be irritated by clothing. How would you like to have them removed with a quick and easy in-office procedure? Because it is so easy, a lot of people are happy to trade their moles for smooth, flat skin through laser mole removal. It is more effective than rubbing topical creams on your undesirable moles. And it is much more pleasant than having a mole shaved off with the sharp edge of a scalpel blade or scissors. Dr. Richmond specializes in mole Removal for his Richmond, VA patients. To read more about the treatment, please continue reading below.

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What does Laser Mole Removal Involve?

This is an easy and quick, in-office procedure. The mole is first anesthetized with a tiny needle stick. Then the layers of skin are worn down with the intense focused light beam of a laser until a flat result is achieved. There is minimal to no bleeding. The site is covered with antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. Typically there is no significant pain afterwards. You can shower after the procedure, although you should avoid swimming and bathtubs until the area is completely healed. Small moles are often healed within several days to one week. Wider moles and larger seborrheic keratoses can take a little longer to heal, and they are usually pink for several weeks or more. But the vast majority tend to heal completely flat.

Who is a good candidate for Mole Removal

Any patient with a benign (non-cancerous) mole or skin lesion that he or she would like to get rid of is a good candidate for laser mole removal. These moles are usually flesh-colored, and they look like raised bumps. The laser can even reach difficult areas such as the crease along your nose, where other surgical options might be quite disfiguring. As we get older, many patients develop skin bumps called seborrheic keratoses, or SK for short. These look like waxy, “stuck-on” bumps, and they might be regular skin tone or more darkly pigmented. Some people call them “barnacles.”

Laser mole removal, however, is not appropriate for skin cancer or irregular, pigmented moles. Lesions like this need to be biopsied first, often by a dermatologist, to make sure they do not have atypical cells or even skin cancer such as melanoma.

Can Moles come back after removal?

Because the base of some moles and skin lesions can extend into the deeper layer of skin, they sometimes come back. The only way to be sure that they don’t come back is to cut them out surgically, through the full thickness of the skin. This leaves a permanent scar that is longer than the mole was in the first place. If a mole returns after laser removal, you can always come back to have it treated again, although this is rarely necessary.

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost in Richmond, VA?

The cost of Mole Removal in Richmond, VA may be more affordable than you think. The cost for the first mole (or skin tag or other lesion) is $250. And any additional moles at the same office visit treatment session are $100 each.

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