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    Darrin Hubert, MD, is a board certified plastic surgeon in the Richmond, Virginia, metro area, offering a wide array of cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures, as well as non-invasive options. He graduated from and completed his surgical training at one of the best Ivy League medical schools, the University of Pennsylvania.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Can Correct Numerous Nasal Issues

Published on April 7, 2020

Rhinoplasty or “nose job” isn’t just a cosmetic procedure that can improve the aesthetics of your face. In fact, it is an effective treatment for many nasal issues, including but not limited to:

  1. Nasal Fractures: Timely intervention by a plastic surgeon can remedy the problem. If the fracture has resulted in the displacement of bones that hinder your breathing, the surgeon may also propose a septoplasty.
  2. Puffy Turbinates: This condition is a result of the enlargement of tissues that line the insides of a nasal passage. Herein, Rhinoplasty is the surgical removal of the obstructive tissues.
  3. Septum Correction: When the dividing bone of the nasal cavity is crooked, it results in a deviated septum. An experienced surgeon can correct this through surgery.
  4. Narrow Middle Vault: This condition is the result of weakened sidewalls of the nose.
  5. Nasal Polyps: These can be a result of allergic or infectious inflammation inside the nasal passages, especially for those who suffer from asthma. This condition may need immediate Rhinoplasty.